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Participated in Series A fundraising, and integration of largest tech platform which led to acquisition

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Healthcare SOFTWARE solutions

Chicago, IL


Marketing plan and budgeting, go-to strategy, and provide marketing strategic direction for the company

Lead Generation

70% growth of lead generation

Brand Strategy

Created brand strategy to increase brand awareness and own creative development aligned with brand identity. Annual growth of 65%


Co-Founder of Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Product Launches

  • TimeWise product launch 20% YoY sales
  • Continual-G new product launch in US
  • 25 brands launch including GAP. Opened 45 new stores

Beauty Products

Health Products

Apparel products

Email Marketing

  • Opens: 43%
  • CTR: 2%
  • Conversion: 7%

Events promo


Course promo

Brand id

Nationwide BRAND ID Launch

Entire Brand Guideline:

  • Brand Story
  • Brand Style
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Product Messaging

Annual revenue of John Lewis Partnership (in million GBP

second largest online retailer

within United kingdom

Email Marketing

Email, Data Segmentation & Analysis, Replacing 3 Project managers

Reach Relevance content

hyper-personalized customer experiences with algorithms enhancement

Rating & Reviews

Working on Bazaarvoice platform for ratings and reviews

First Female

Country manager

Since 1965, we’ve grown into a successful global company with over 52,000 employees, over 600 schools and offices in 50 countries.

60% increase YoY

Boarding schools sales boosted and doubled retention rate

UN Reports

human rights violations

Annual Report 2011 including CIS and Russia

Shadow reports (or alternative reports) to UN treaty bodies in Geneva, Switzerland

Annual Report 2012 and Organizing Round Table for Agents

Managing safe arrival of Agents from CIS and Russia to Geneva to be main witnesses of human rights violations

better marketing results

Digital transformation is key to optimizing the customer experience for businesses today.

Digital Transformation

Business & Product Branding is key to building trust and recognition.


"The budget is not a collection of numbers, but an expression of values and aspirations"

Proof in the numbers

I am currently enrolled in the 'Google Project Management: Professional Certificate'


University degrees

Essex Univerrsity

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (MA in Business)

Strayer University

BSc in International Business

Bogazici University

International Relations and Political Science (transferred to different major)

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